INNOMEM is focused on the development of a SEP operation model enabling technical services for the EU membrane value chain, and additional non-technical expertise to complement product development by acceleration and innovation support. This includes 14 upscaled/improved PLs.

The Exploitation of this route is built through WP2/WP7, where the Market Analysis and Value Proposition have been completed, alongside the OITB service catalogue.

The showcases are the first attempt to internally test the potential of the SEP operation model and the service catalogue. Each of the ten showcases is described in the following factsheets and refers to a different Pilot Line.

Grafted Ceramic Membranes for Wastewater Purification
Zeolite Membranes for Gas Separation
Mixed Matrix Membrane for Liquid and Gas Separation
Advanced Membranes for Pure Hydrogen Production/Purification
 Micro-Tubular And Micro-Monolith Ceramic Membranes
Functionalized Polymeric Hf Membranes for Aqueous Applications
Oriented Go Membranes for Water Treatment and Lithium Recovery
Polymeric Hf Membranes for Ultra and Microfiltration
Anion-Conducting Membranes for Energy Applications
Next-Generation Molecular Sieving Nanoporous Ceramic and Cnt Membranes For Catalytic Gas And Liquid Phase Applications