The project is organised in 2 phases:

  • Phase 1 from M1 to M18 will provide a SEP to upscaled facilities ready for testing.
  • Phase 2 (M19 to M48) will aim at validating the SEP’s procedures and methodologies to optimize the testbed business plan and guarantee its sustainability after the project.

INNOMEM is structured in 8 WP:

  • WP1 to profile the sustainability and upgrade the PLs facilities, develop their associated services and definition of a methodology to select additional PLs.
  • WP2 to setup the SEP, its governance, associated activities and procedures to ensure an open access of the INNOMEM OITB at fair conditions.
  • WP3 to produce the 10 showcases in order to validate the upscaling and synergies between all PLs upscaled during Phase 1 and to illustrate the services provided by the INNOMEM during Phase 2.
  • WP4 to open the test bed services to the democases selected through Open Calls.
  • WP5 to validate the access conditions to the INNOMEM facilities and services through the development of democases.
  • WP6 to optimize the OITB and SEP operations according to lessons learned in showcases’ and democases’ developments and to set up a Customer Relationship Management.
  • WP7 dedicated to networking activities with other OITB and other projects, EMMC, EMCC, EPPN and NSC to generate synergies between these complementary initiatives.
  • WP8 to guarantee an efficient and smooth project coordination.