INNOMEM stems from the consideration that the development of products based on advanced membranes and nanomaterials require access to finance and an optimised business planning, relying on a sound prior analysis of the market, of the economic impacts and capacity of a company.

INNOMEM will upgrade and up-scale 14 Pilot Lines facilities. These Pilot Lines and technological services come from past investments at Regional (RIS3), National and European levels. The goal is to upscale/upgrade them to achieve a future sustainable manufacturing ecosystem and to complement them with technological and non-technological services to support companies for further development of marketable nano-enabled membrane products.

On the other hand, the facilities and services will be made available.  During the project, two Open Calls will be organized to promote the Testbed products and services: 20 selected Democases proposed by EU companies (not members of INNOMEM consortium) will be granted free of charge access the INNOMEM facilities and services. Moreover, the INNOMEM testbed services are easily accessible to users across different regions of Europe since the facilities and services providers are distributed across 10 EU countries. Through the Open Calls additional use cases will be invited with the aim to cover all the EU28 member states.

The main KPIs for INNOMEM:


Technical Membrane Productivity
Membrane Verification
Co2 emission reduction per showcase Energy reduction per application
>20% >30% faster >40% >40%
Non-Technical Number of Showcases Number of Democases Number of reachable SMEs Number of reachable Investors
10 >20 >100 >300