The National Center for Scientific Research “Demokritos” (NCSRD) is the largest multidisciplinary research center in Greece, ranked among the best in Europe, with high level expertise and advanced infrastructure in the fields of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials, Energy & Environment, Biosciences, Nuclear and Particle Physics, Informatics & Telecommunications. Membranes for Energy and Enviromental Seprations Lab (MESL) is a specialized center for the structural and performance characterisation of nanoporous materials, membranes and catalytic membranes and systems. The group has been in the forefront of experimental techniques and theories aimed at understanding and modelling porous media, adsorption, permeability and catalytic activity. Application oriented activities focus on the development of advanced techniques for the characterization of membranes and evaluation of performance for the separation of hydrogen, carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide/nitrogen, olefin/paraffin, water and hydrocarbons. Demokritos will be leading PL#11 and PL#12 upscaling and upgrading (a) the production of GO/CNTs mixed-matrix membrane system and (b) the production of molecular sieving nanoporous ceramic and CNT membranes. In addition DEMOKRITOS will participate in the showcase #7 and showcase#10 and will lead the workpackage 3 (Validation of OITB facilities, capabilities and services: Industrial Showcases)