INNOMEM joined the International Conference on Hydrogen Production!

INNOMEM joined the International Conference on Hydrogen Production (ICH2P) held from 19th to 23rd September 2021. The event focused on the scientific developments on the sustainable generation of hydrogen via electrolysis, solar, wind, biological, catalytic and photo-catalytic based systems, paying particular attention to the production of hydrogen from renewables.

During the INNOMEM special session, hosted by CNR-ITM, the consortium presented the following topic:

H2SITE: On-site H2 production by advanced membrane reactors

CNR-ITM: Gas treatment by membranes

TUE: H2 production through ammonia decomposition in a catalytic membrane reactor: a computational and expertimental study

FORTH: Membrane modeling to tailor separation properties

CIAOTECH: Market positioning map of the main stakeholders in the European membrane market scenario

Take a look at the whole programme here!