04/12/2022 Melbourne, Australia


The 11th International Membrane Science and Technology Conference, to be held at Learning & Teaching Building, Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, from 4th to 8th December, 2022, will cover three major focus areas in a post-COVID-19 world:

  • Circular design and engineering of membranes;

  • Crossing the gap with the new normal – separation to support societies’ recovery; and

  • Vision 2030: where next?

The conference will cover all technical areas of membrane science, including inorganic membranes, polymeric membranes, membrane fabrication and modification, transport phenomena modelling, and membrane applications in a broad variety of areas such as filtration, distillation, desalination and biological separations. The conference will feature advances in membrane technology from the latest innovations in synthesis, characterisation, processing and modelling to the advanced applications in health, energy and sustainability as well as future materials and devices.

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