The Netherlands


The research of Fausto Gallucci at the Inorganic Membranes and Membrane Reactors (SIR) research group is related to the development of membranes and novel multiphase reactors, in particular membrane reactors and dynamically operated reactors. His research focuses on the interaction of heterogeneous catalysis, transport phenomena, and fluid mechanics in these novel multifunctional reactors. Particularly interesting application areas are methanol production in zeolite and carbon membranes, methane activation with oxygen selective membranes, the Fischer-Tropsch reaction in carbon-based membrane reactors, and hydrogen production by reforming/dehydrogenation reactions with hydrogen selective membranes.

In the Innomem project, Prof. Gallucci acts as Project Technical Coordinator. TUE is responsible of the creation of the virtual lab modelling and supports several case studies through modelling and characterization.