CO2 PCCP: Study for the industrial implementation of membrane based SMR CO2 Post-Combustion Capture Plants

The main objective of this Democase is to develop the flowsheet of a membrane-based CO2 capture plant able to achieve 90% CO2 recovery and 90% CO2 purity in the post-combustion stream of an SMR plant. The challenge is that the developed solution must be competitive, both technically and economically, against state-of-the-art solutions (for instance, amines). The proposed solution should be able to be implemented in SR plants that use not only methane as feedstock, but also biomethane, biogas and bioethanol with relatively small modifications. With the support of a positive techno-economic analysis, CO2 capture plants based on membrane technologies will be appealing to different end users and will boost the implementation of membranes as a solution for post-combustion CO2capture.

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