09/06/2021 Kościelisko, Poland


The 13th edition of the Scientific Conference “Membranes and Membrane Processes in Environmental Protection”
will take place in Zakopane (Poland) from 9th to 12th June 2021 with the aim to sum up the recent progress in application of membrane processes mainly in environmental protection, but also in other branches of industry.

The main topics discussed during conference’s sessions are:
– production and characteristics of membranes due to their further application in environmental protection,
– modelling of membrane processes and other engineering concepts,
– desalination of water and wastewater with the use of membrane techniques,
– membranes in water and wastewater treatment technology,
– hybrid membrane processes,
– pervaporation, membrane distillation and gas separation,
– fuel cells,
– application of membranes in biotechnology,
– membranes in environmental monitoring,
– membrane reactors,
– membrane removal of micropollutants from various environmental species.

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