25/05/2021 Aachen (Germany)

Aachen Membrane Course for Water Technologies (MCW)

The Aachen Membrane Course for Water Technologies (MCW) at RWTH Aachen University will take place from May 25th to 27th 2021 in Aachen (Germany), hosted by Prof. Matthias Wessling.

The course is specifically designed to cover your needs. Regardless of whether you work in R&D, engineering, production, marketing or sales, the course does not require any specific prior knowledge of membrane technologies. Hence, it is advisable to every professional.

Highlights of the Aachen Membrane Course for Water Technologies:

  • Invited speakers
  • Hands-on module design
  • Short-cut process design
  • Interactive online support
  • Economical evaluation
  • Extensive lab tour
  • Social program

The course language will be English and comprises theoretical and practical knowledge of membrane processes in the field of water technologies. For further information and registration, download the event flyer and visit the website.

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